What We Do.

MadhuGajanan Foundation

MGF has been primarily established to provide access to subsidized/free treatments, making available things of basic necessity to afford among which the treatment and procedures mentioned below are part and many more ventures in the near future. 

Brain & Spine Cancer (Tumors) and Traumatic injuries to the Brain and Spine

This is a non-profit organisation which raises public awareness and educates people about brain tumour.


‘T teens’ a project which is exclusively being considered for teenage girls who attain menarche is currently in the pipeline.

Pathology Labs & Day Care Centres

MFG is setting up  day care centres with supervised staff for trivial health issues and administration of injections, blood pressure and diabetes evaluation.

Current & Proposed Activities Of MG Foundations

Treatment (Medical and Surgical) for Brain &Spine Tumor's

Cervical Cancer Awareness Program


Supplement Nutrition & Oral Rehydration

Treatment (Medical & Surgical) for Brain & Spine trauma secondary to Road Traffic accidents.

Fertility & Counselling for Couples

Menstrual Hygiene

Day Care Centers

Pathology labs

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